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Integrative Touch for Kids (ITK) was created when founder, Shay Beider’s life was forever changed by one little girl in the hospital, who was frightened and alone as she was about to undergo surgery. As a pre-med student, Shay witnessed this little girl go under anesthesia in a state of intense fear and in that moment something inside of her said, “No. It doesn’t have to be this way.” Shay understood the profound importance of caring for the whole child in body, mind, heart and spirit. Integrative Touch for Kids  was founded to honor that little girl, to protect children from unnecessary suffering, and to address all aspects of the healing process. ITK’s founder went on to create a new therapeutic approach called Integrative Touch to facilitate healing for thousands of children and families in need. Since it’s inception in 2005, ITK has grown to be a leader in the field of pediatric integrative medicine, developing a first of its kind Whole Child, Whole Family, Whole Community wellness model called “Health-Caring.”

“It’s not just the child. It’s everyone in the family. And every relationship in the family. And that is being addressed by ITK in an amazing way.”


Providing integrative healing therapies such as massage, reflexology, energy, equine, play and music therapies through our many programs, we are able to work in the hospital and in the community to change the way people view healthcare. Healthcare is evolving to incorporate integrative healing techniques to achieve new levels of well-being. ITK is pioneering new models of wellness in the community and hospital settings that are maps for our future.

ITK’s vision is to expand its existing programs, creating new wellness models that can be replicated nationally, and to create a first of its kind Healing Center in Tucson, Arizona, that will serve children with special medical needs and their families in the community.

The Healing Center will include educational facilities and therapy rooms to provide workshops, support groups, childcare and more than 100 different integrative healing therapies.

The creation of a Healing Center will allow ITK to facilitate its unique wellness model called, “Health-Caring,” on a consistent, on-going basis. The center will serve as a healing space and an educational hub for families, community participants, healing arts practitioners and the medical community. Together, we can create a future that is defined by wellness, includes families with children of all abilities, and embraces the generous spirit of giving that each community has to offer the most vulnerable among us.