Integrative Touch for Kids has launched a new podcast called the Conversations on Healing Podcast. It features interviews with top healthcare leaders and practitioners about the world of wellness, the powers of medicine, and what it means to heal today. This podcast is a great resource for anyone looking for wellness resources who wants to learn more about health and healing in the modern world.

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Ep. 11: Judith Joy

Discover the Inspiration That Comes From Saying YES with Joy

Ep. 9: Dr. Jasleen Chhatwal

Learning to Heal By Uncovering Resilience and Through Intentional Evolution

Ep. 7: Michelle Maldonado

Understanding the Generational Impacts of Privilege and Oppression

Ep. 12: Peter DuBois

How Loss and Healing Contribute to Becoming a True Leader

Ep. 10: Simone Figueroa

Creating a Toolkit to Facilitate Mindfulness and Self-Compassion

Ep. 8: Dr. Rachel Cramton

The Gifts of Time, Listening and End of Life Care

Ep. 6: Steven Haley

Surviving a Brain Tumor Became the Catalyst for the Brain Science Foundation

Ep. 4: Dr. David Miller

The Benefits of Treating Patients with Both Eastern & Western Medicine

Ep. 2: Dr. Fayez Ghishan

Insights on Gastroenterology and the Importance of Healing the Gut

Summer Podcast Series: Shay Beider

Announcing the Conversations on Healing Podcast

Ep. 11: Judith Joy

Discover the Inspiration That Comes From Saying YES with Joy

Ep. 3: Dr. Brandy Baker

How Families Need Support Through COVID-19 and Beyond

Ep. 1: Dr. Lawrence Rosen

Pediatric Integrative Medicine and What it Truly Means to Heal the Whole Child